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Explore The Black Rose Tattoo Company, recently named the Best Tattoo Studio in Central Massachusetts. Celebrated for its exceptional tattoo and piercing services, the studio features top national artists and innovative conveniences like online booking and morning appointments. With over 500 five-star reviews, The Black Rose Tattoo Company stands as a paragon of excellence in the tattoo industry.

Steven Atkins – The Black Rose Tattoo Company Founder

Steve Atkins owner of The Black Rose Tattoo in Worcester

Steven Atkins is not only the founder of The Black Rose Tattoo Company but also a celebrated tattoo artist with nearly a decade of experience in the field. Known for his profound artistic vision and meticulous attention to detail, Steve has traveled the world, learning from various cultures and renowned artists, which has greatly influenced his unique style.

He views each tattoo as a deeply personal artwork, designed to reflect the individuality and personal story of each client. His commitment to transforming personal visions into inked reality has earned him a dedicated clientele who appreciate both his custom work and signature designs. This dedication to artistry and personal expression is a cornerstone of the ethos at The Black Rose Tattoo Company.

The Story Behind The Black Rose Tattoo Company

The Black Rose Tattoo Company, much more than a name, stands as a poignant tribute to the indomitable bond between a mother and her child, encapsulating themes of deep affection, resilience, and enigma. The emblem of the black rose, chosen for its rich symbolism, represents the loving yet challenging moments spent in a garden tending to fragile blooms amidst life’s adversities.

The backstory is deeply personal and meaningful, rooted in the childhood of the studio’s founder. Growing up, he observed his mother, a single parent working tirelessly across multiple jobs, yet always finding sacred time for her rose garden. He recalls joining her not for the flowers, but for the precious moments spent beside her—times filled with laughter, stories, and the simple joy of togetherness. These moments transcended mere gardening; they were foundational experiences of love and nurturing.

Despite hardships, including acts of vandalism against her garden, his mother’s spirit never faltered. Her steadfastness and resilience in maintaining the beauty of her garden amidst chaos profoundly impacted him. The roses became a powerful symbol of their enduring relationship, of her strength and perseverance against all odds.

When it came time to name his tattoo studio, the choice was clear. The Black Rose Tattoo Company was born, not merely as a business venture but as a living homage to the enduring power of love and family. Each tattoo inked at the studio carries this legacy of enduring strength and beauty, particularly the black rose designs, which have come to symbolize not only personal resilience but also the universal trials and triumphs of human experience.

The studio has since become a beacon in Massachusetts, renowned not only for its artistry but also for its embodiment of personal and collective stories of endurance and love. The Black Rose Tattoo Company stands as a testament to the belief that from darkness and difficulty can bloom beauty and strength, making it truly a place where art meets heart.

Best of Massachusetts – The Black Rose Tattoo Company

Recently, The Black Rose Tattoo Company was honored with the title of Best Tattoo Studio in Central Massachusetts, further cementing its reputation as the leading tattoo and piercing destination in the entire state. This accolade is not merely for their exceptional tattoo artistry but also for their comprehensive piercing services. They provide a quality experience in both realms, making them a versatile studio that caters to a wide range of aesthetic and body modification needs. This dual expertise ensures that each client receives top-tier service, whether they come for ink or piercings, reinforcing their status as the best in Massachusetts.

The Black Rose Tattoo Company has grown to be not just a local treasure but a nationally recognized establishment, boasting some of the finest tattoo artists in the country. Their ever-expanding shop and team are dedicated to excellence, evidenced by garnering over 500 five-star reviews. Clients continually praise their exceptional service and artistic prowess. Always at the forefront of industry standards, the studio incorporates the latest technology and offers unique conveniences such as morning appointment slots and user-friendly online booking, enhancing the overall customer experience and accessibility.

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The Black Rose Tattoo company

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-All appointments MUST be scheduled with a deposit. No artist will draw any tattoo designs without a deposit.

-All clients have a 48 hour reschedule time frame. You must call within a 48 hour timeframe from your appointment in order to keep your deposit. Failure to call in a timely manner will result in loss of your deposit.

-DO NOT consume drugs, alcohol, or blood thinners within 24 hours of your appointment slot. If you show up under the influence or have consumed any drugs or alcohol within the past 24 hours, you will lose your deposit and will be held responsible to pay for the entire session that your tattoo was scheduled.

-Deposits and appointment slots can not be transferred to friends, spouses, etc…

-If you change your mind/ideas/artwork for your appointment, the reference photos must be sent and approved a week prior to your appointment. If you change your mind last minute and the artist is not able to redraw your design in time, you will lose your deposit.

-All artwork/ reference photos must be sent at least a week prior to the scheduled appointment date. (Artist emails can be found listed later in this section). Please send emails with your name, appointment date and tattoo designs.

-Your tattoo must take up the entire time slot you are scheduled for.

 *I.E: If you change your mind to a smaller tattoo than the original tattoo you were scheduled 6 hours for, and the new tattoo only takes 2 hours, you will lose your deposit and have to pay for the new tattoo. * Times cannot be transferred to friends, family, spouses, etc…

-All Clients must have a valid ID. Minors receiving piercings must have their parent or legal guardian with proper documentation (birth certificate, guardianship papers etc..) with parent’s valid ID.


Make sure your designs are sent and approved by your artist at least 1 WEEK prior to your scheduled appointment! If you have any questions, please call the shop or email your artist!

-Eat prior to your appointment! Having higher levels of blood sugar during your tattoo/piercing will help with your comfort levels and reduce pain while getting your services done. It also helps with not getting light headed or passing out!

-DO NOT consume alcohol, drugs or blood thinners within 24 hours of getting your tattoo or piercing. These will cause your tattoo to bleed the ink out and make getting the tattoo extremely hard to pack ink in.